Teilnehmende Ateliers 2021

Schroeger Bernadette



Atelierhaus Prenzlauer Promenade
Prenzlauer Promenade 149-152
13189 Berlin-Pankow

https://maps.google.com/?q=Atelierhaus Prenzlauer Promenade, Prenzlauer Promenade 149-152, 13189 Berlin-Pankow

Sa 14-18 Uhr
So 14-18 Uhr
(teilw. barrierefrei)

Bernadette Schroeger`s abstract painting series is full of energy, the pictures are vibrant and powerful. Colour – fields strongly oppose dark radiant life – lines and thus creating three dimensional illusions. Action and movement within the paint – pushing process leaves a ghost Image of change. Her images always leave ample of room for the viewer to find spiritual associations.