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Duals – BAI features 2chairs artspace

Vernissage am 22.03. | Ausstellung bis 22. – 25.03.2023

Öffnungszeiten von 12-20 Uhr

The exhibition opens on March 22nd with Manifashion#3 by Stefano Loiacono’s performance. This examines possible interactions between art, artist and audience. Everyone is welcome to stop, listen, react or just keep walking.

The chair is known as one of the most useful objects ever. From antiquity to the present day, it can be found in almost every household.

2chairs artspace sees chairs as an exhibition space, as an invitation to dialogue and as a symbol for a certain self-sufficient element of life. The depiction of artists who successfully go through another career before dedicating themselves to artistic practice shows a willingness to open the door to the art world and leave a vacant chair for anyone who wishes to be seated.

Chair-Women by Josephine Riemann, 2chairs artspace
ManiFashion #1 by Stefano Loiacono, 2chairs artspace
About the exhibition

In “Duals” 2chairs artists are exploring the ambivalence surrounding the distinction between an artwork and an object. Where is the border separating exclusivity (elitism) from inclusivity (mass)? Why is there a need for authorship against nameless production? Who draws the line between uselessness and utilitarianism? Is it a permanent drawing or a temporal one? If anything, art history teaches us that canons can be changed and questions who is a decision-maker.

„Duals“ invites everyone to participate. Not only as visitors, but also as authors

Stefano Loiacono initiates an installation that anyone can rearrange. For this, everyone can add both their share and their name to the list of contributing artists. The footprints left on the red carpet opening will be an important part of Lena Ash’s artwork. Oliver Orthuber suggests delving deep into everyday life. To do this, he takes a seat on his chair, which was specially designed for the 2Chairs project.

But please don’t try to sit in Josephine Riemann’s chair. Her work is a repository of emotions that encloses a living space. Jacalyn Carley’s work blurs the line amidst a sculptural, sensual, porous display. Even though her nails clearly say „Touch Me Not“ in Braille.

The portrait of Bernd Reichert captures the moment of a story without beginning or end. His work depicts a human figure who may find a way out by trapping all air. Camila Piana reinvents herself by stitching her present out of scraps from the past. Scott Culley also examines how the past appears in the present through marketing, mass production, and distribution channels. The footprints left on the red carpet at the opening will be an important part of Lena Ash’s artwork, which will be on display the following day.

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