OPEN CALL: artspring 2021 – SIGNALE! – english version

SIGNALS! analog / digital / emotional / informative / necessary / superfluous / sent / received / encrypted / tell-tale / socially critical / private / polemic / physical / real / false / loud / quiet / acoustic / visual / text-based / important / repeated / flooding / cosmic / terrestrial / binary / standardized / invented / encouraging / discouraging / seeking help … what do we hear? What are we sending?

OPEN CALL: artspring berlin 2021. Signals! 

What is artspring berlin?  artspring berlin is an initiative and an art festival – since 2017, in the Pankow district, every year in May / June. A festival month and Open Studios, the goal: The city district becomes a gallery.

The artspring spots 2021 festival starts on May 7th. The highlight and finale will be the weekend of open studios on June 5th and 6th.

Of course, all planning is subject to current developments. The online presentation is being expanded, and digital and hybrid formats are planned in addition to analog formats. Overall, we are confident that the studios and exhibitions will be able to open in June at the latest, as in the previous year, with good hygiene concepts.  Who can take part in the open studios and exhibitions? 

All artists are invited who own a studio in the Pankow district – i.e. Prenzlauer Berg, Pankow, Weißensee – that can be opened as part of the Open Studio weekend.

All studios are listed in the festival newspaper and in the 5th edition are already part of an annual compendium of the Pankow art locations. All artists who have registered in advance for the open studios can apply for for the curated exhibitions in the Galerie Parterre and at the location Kulturkapellen (see below). Access to the open calls will then follow separately. Please do not send in texts and pictures yet! Inquiries to

Registration for open studios | until February 28, 2021

Events in the context of the art festival artspring spots, May 7th – June 6th 

Cultural locations that are also anchored in the district as well as all artists from all disciplines who want to enrich the festival program with their own contributions (exhibitions, concerts, readings, etc.) can take part in the event program. This year’s theme SIGNALS! is intended to enable connections rather than clamping down on creativity. Calls for the film and literature program are thematically and separately.

Registration for events 2021 | until March 15th

Please forward this mail to artists and organizers in the Pankow district!

Still looking for event ideas and partnerships? Then come to the digital network meeting in February and find partners. You will receive the invitation in our next newsletter. 

In planning for artspring berlin 2021:

* The art festival artpring spots starts on May 7th, 2021 in a hybrid form. We invite you to develop your own event formats for the event calendar, which can also be shown digitally – i.e. as a film, audio or stream.

* The artspring festival newspaper lists all participating studios and event locations with pictures, text and maps. It is displayed in central locations and distributed specifically to the mailboxes. 

* The artspringnale cinema program shows a cinema program with live talks every week on Fridays, 4 dates (will be curated)  * The literary program artspring audio presents weekly readings on Tuesdays (is curated) 

* An exhibition at the beginning of June and thus during the open studios in the communal gallery Parterre is being curated in cooperation with the gallery management Kathleen Krenzlin.

* An exhibition in May / June in the location Kulturkapellen with the annual theme Signals! – the open call takes place among the registered participants at artspring berlin. 

* Online presence – we are working on an improved presentation of all participants on our website with the possibility of adding new posts every day. 

* The artspring dream island: One month Bornholm, but like everything these days in the vicinity. Working in the garden – in cooperation with the Bornholm 2 allotment garden, we are offering a work stay in the countryside with a presentation at the open studios.

* Theme day on the subject of “collecting art” during the exhibition in the Galerie Parterre 

* Theme day on the subject of “The question of space – The future of cultural sites in the Pankow district” 

* and much more – we are in conversation with our previous cooperation partners and look forward to your signals!

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