Teilnehmende Ateliers 2023

Kennet Lekko



ECC - European Creative Center

Neumagener Straße 23-29
13088 Berlin Weißensee

https://maps.google.com/?q=Neumagener Straße 23-29, 13088 Berlin Weißensee

Sa 12-20 Uhr
So 12-20 Uhr

HH, 2, 2066, nicht barrierefrei

Kennet Lekko is a young artist from Estonia working on the edge of high and low culture. His paintings might come across as overly positive and juvenile at first glance, yet they turn out to be complex symbolic networks reflecting the contemporary struggle of being young and finding one’s place in modern society. Through (self)irony he is putting the finger on the darkness of his generation.