Teilnehmende Ateliers 2024

Sinéad Aldridge



Atelierhaus Prenzlauer Promenade

Prenzlauer Promenade 152
13189 Berlin Pankow

https://maps.google.com/?q=Prenzlauer Promenade 152, 13189 Berlin Pankow

Sa 14-18 Uhr
So 14-18 Uhr

Vorderhaus, 6, 656

A wanderer confronts a cloud_ oil on canvas_50cm X 60cm_ 2023

I make intimate, richly layered abstracts, employing a range of brush marks and working with colour and gesture to create a poised and controlled internal order on the painting surface. Recent painting focuses on place, real or imagined. When colour and touch align, the work becomes a poetic dialogue on the nature of identity.