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17. Mai – 24. Mai
Eröffnung Mittwoch 17. Mai um 19 Uhr

Von Architektur und Musik: In Cecilia Pez Praxis geht es um Zeit, Raum, Gegenwart, Formen und Wahrnehmung. Sie geht davon aus, dass in jeder Form eine Substanz und Klang vorhanden ist und dass sich von dort aus die Ärmel der Kreativität öffnen. Daher hat ihre Arbeit verschiedene Formate: Performance, Installation, Klangkunst, usw. Es ist eine ständige Erkundung zwischen Behälter, Inhalt und Vibration.

© Cecilia Paz Nercasseau Gibson
© Cecilia Paz Nercasseau Gibson

Cecilia Pez, Cecilia Paz Nercasseau Gibson, is a multidisciplinary chilean artist and musician. With a Bachelor in Architecture at the University Diego Portales in Santiago, Chile, she started the research of human perception and communication in relation to spaces and sound. Worked as an architect for a short time, changing her interest to urban & middle scale art installations and sound art. In 2014, she exhibited her main urban-sound-installation called “Fonópticos” at the Festival of Arts in Valparaíso, which was part of the Lollapalooza Music Festival as well.

In 2015, she moved to Berlin, to develop her research in relation to sound & space. In 2016-17, she gave several workshops on constructing frames of listening and communication with recycle materials at the two editions of the IFAC, Festival of Arts & Construction in Spain and Portugal. Granted by the DAAD, she studied a Master of Arts on Stage Design & Exhibition Spaces (Bühnenbild und Szenischer Raum) at the Technical University in Berlin.

In 2016, she became part of the body-mind-motion collective, called ZOOZ as a musician & creative in Berlin. Later on, ZOOZ became part of the Laboratory of Intelligence Culture (LAB), where she collaborates and keeps on going with the research as a musician, creative thinker and passionate hands. Currently, she is the lead singer of the music band BADECIMA, where she plays the keys and composes the songs together with Charlie Rex.

In 2021, she developed her project Silence at the Spatial Sound Institute in Budapest during an artistic residency, funded by the Ministry of Culture, Arts & Heritage of Chile. She is still developing the project Silence, trying out different materials and designs to be able to realized it as an object installation. Currently she is working on her personal ideas/projects supported by NEUSTART KULTUR collaborating as a creative thinker, maker & sound designer in different projects.

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