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* Wednesday, October 12, 6 pm: Vernissage at artspring PopUpStore: Lena NOBODY Klochko
* ongoing exhibition at Kunstraum FUGE: “Bewegte Bilder IV” with Nicole Nickel until November 3rd
* ongoing exhibition: Signals in the city hall Pankow
* new call for proposals: artspring PopUpStore in autumn and winter for artspring artists
* ongoing calls for proposals: Light Art Festival and artothek

* Wednesday, October 12, 6 p.m.: Vernissage at the artspring PopUpStore: Lena NOBODY Klochko
Lena Klochko came to the artspring berlin art festival one day before closing time and stayed here for 3 months as a resident at the PopUpStore, completely unexpected for her. “By staying here and working in public, I acquired my new identity of a European artist – I was recognized here by both the public and artists:inside, my colleagues, who seemed to be much closer to me mentally and spiritually than I could have imagined or than I was ever accepted “.- says Lena.

Lena Klochko was born in Bachmut, Donetsk region. She is an artist and film director and worked in St. Petersburg and Eastern Ukraine. The name “Nobody” was added when Olena started her first art project in her hometown and presented it in the local museum. It reflected the sense of loss and misplacement that followed the break with the Russian art scene and the confusion caused by changes in the mindset of society and art circles in St. Petersburg, where she had spent almost 20 years.
The name Olena Nobody Klochko after which the artist renamed herself in 2016-2017 comes from Homer’s Iliad. These days, when Olena was forced to leave her country again, the name Iliad, the wanderer, the nobody, seems to become eerily apt. Many of her compatriots, especially people from Mariupol who lost everything in the war, called themselves “Nobody”, and the name itself becomes an act of defiance.

artspring PopUpStore in the Schönhauser Allee Arcaden
Schönhauser Allee 80, 10439 Berlin

Exhibition at Kunstraum FUGE: “Bewegte Bilder IV” with Nicole Nickel until November 3
Exhibition “Moving Images IV – The Digital Space: Between Change and Continuity”
with Nicole Nickel, curated by Vanessa Cardui

abstractive and spatial, digital and experimental – these are essential characteristics of video and media artist Nicole Nickel. In September and October, strollers can expect both linear and amorphous sequences with a hypnotic character in front of the Kunstraum im Schaufenster.
The video installation “Polytope 3” by Nicole Nickel is a site-specific video installation. Abstract, almost architectural-looking forms move behind the shop window and, like overlays, float freely on the projection surface. Their video projection suggests an illusionistic depth behind the shop window. The abstract forms allow for ambiguous associations. Like a drawing, the lines swing through the permeable space and form a linear structure, a pattern that is always changing, turning around itself – line for line – and at the same time remains in its linear form.

Art Space FUGE
in the shop window of the Heinrich-Böll-Library
Greifswalder Street 87, 10409 Berlin

Exhibition Signals in Pankow City Hall still on view
Exhibition with photographs of artists from the district of Pankow and their works. In the background: scarred walls, traces of the past. A place that has fallen out of time and decelerated. What is it all about?
The photographs were taken in the caretaker’s house at the St. Marien/St. Nicolai cemetery. A very special institution, preserved by the ag Friedhofsmuseum e.V. as a cultural site and used under the name “Kulturkapellen”. In the second pandemic year, 2021, events could again be held on a limited basis. Therefore, the exhibition artspring signale was realized in a hybrid format. Artists:inside and their works were placed in the house for a moment. This moment of “being on display” was documented photographically. The result are unique snapshots of paintings, drawings, photos and sculptures and of their creators. For the exhibition in the Town Hall Gallery we show a selection of the resulting photographs. And, of course, the QR code, through which you can still view the full exhibition – via smartphone and exclusively on site.

City Hall Pankow, Breite Str. 24a-26, 13187 Berlin
Mon-Fri 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Call for entries: artspring PopUpStore in autumn and winter – We are looking for exhibition projects and actions.
After using the PopUpStore in the Schönhauser Allee Arcaden as a workspace for a refugee Ukrainian artist over the summer, we can continue to use it for events and exhibitions in fall and winter and invite the artists:inside who participated in artspring 2022 to present their work there.
With a bi-weekly rotation of exhibitions and projects, a lively Wednesday, and additional events, we look forward to a fall and winter filled with artistic events in public spaces.

For: individual artist:s, groups, curatorial projects, performances, artistic laboratory situations, concerts, readings, presentations of all kinds.
On our website we have compiled the space, the possibilities and the conditions and set up the submission possibilities via online registration.

Call for submissions: Pankow artists wanted for the new artothek berlin – until 23.10.22
The artothek berlin is a pilot for artistic self-organization and was created as a special project of artspring berlin under the umbrella of the Ateliergemeinschaft Milchhof. Artists of the Ateliergemeinschaft developed a contemporary art-sharing concept with the artothek berlin. This brings together art education and lending and is intended to make the diverse, current art production in the district of Pankow more visible.
The lending of artworks is organized via the website of artothek berlin, which also serves as an information platform with an oral history podcast, a magazine on art events in the district, and numerous details on the art to be lent and its authors. The remuneration goes directly to the artists.
To decorate public and institutional spaces, artothek berlin organizes commercial loans, as just seen in the Peter Edel Education and Cultural Center and the Park Klinik Weißensee.
Applications are possible all year round – twice a year a jury accepts new artists into the artothek. Deadline for the current round is October 23. All info HERE

Call for entries: works wanted for artspring light art festival – until 23.10.22
In the months of December and January, we will bring light into the dark season and organize a multi-part light art festival in the Pavillon am Milchhof in cooperation with the Ateliergemeinschaft Milchhof. Since 2009, the Pavillon am Milchhof has offered numerous artists from Berlin and far beyond a unique space for exhibitions.
Two to three curated exhibitions with 4-6 artistic positions are planned. Artistic works that experiment with light and for which light is the central medium can be submitted. The deadline for applications is Sunday, October 23, 2022. all info HERE